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Check here for the most commonly asked questions.


Is my flight going ahead and when should I arrive?

We advise all customers to call the office before travelling to the airfield to check weather conditions. Flying can be affected by a multitude of factors including wind strength, visibility, turbulence, cloudbase, rain and various other criteria. If your flight is cancelled it is a simple case of rebooking, your safety is our number one priority.

You should arrive 20 minutes before your slot time in order to prepare for your flight, if you are late you may lose your flight.


What should I do before my flight?

You should ensure you're fit, healthy and not have consumed alcohol in the preceding 12 hours before your flight. If you have a head cold you should contact the school for advice.

Ensure you wear suitable warm clothing especially in the winter plus trainers, shoes or boots. We will provide flying suits if required. If you have long hair please bring a hair bobble.

If you have a disability or special requirements please contact the school.                   


Can I attach a camera to the aircraft?

Cameras cannot be attached to any part of the aircraft as this would invalidate the aircraft's airworthiness certificate. Cameras cannot be attached to personal protective equipment either. Cameras can be hand held and used in the aircraft so long as a safety lanyard can be attached to the equipment and secured to yourself.


What will happen on the day?

You will be greeted by a member of staff and receive a safety briefing after which your instructor will provided you with necessary equipment before being taken to the aircraft. Once in the aircraft you will proceed with pre flight checks and an additional short briefing to explain what to expect.

Once you are in the air all manoeuvres will be gentle and explained before they take place, you will given regular updates during the flight. If conditions allow you may have the opportunity to take control of the aircraft after having the basic controls demonstrated.

If at any point during your flight you feel uncomfortable in any way then simply let the instructor know and  they will be able to make adjustments to the flight as required.

After you land you will have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about microlighting and take some photos next to the aircraft plus have the opportunity to be shown on our social media pages!

We are sure that any nerves you may have will quickly be forgotten and you will come back with a smile from ear to ear!

WLMS COVID-19 guidelines

Please ensure you comply with the following guidelines at all times whilst visiting the 

Please social distance at Ince airfield.

Masks are to be worn during all flights.

Toilets are available for use by customers at their own risk.

Hands must be sanitised before and after each flight.

If you've any COVID symptoms you must not attend the airfield.